Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 27

Describe Your Day.

I woke up around 8:30 after hitting my snooze button a few times.
After getting ready for the day, I went to Einstein Brothers for a bagel and coffee and went to my Psychology of Women class. We watched a very disturbing video about how the media and advertisements objectify and scrutinize women. Then I went to my Middle Eastern history class and after that my African history class, where I learned stuff.
After I was done I went out to lunch with my Grandma and Aunt to the Italian Oven! It was a wonderful time and it was super nice to catch up with my family!
I went back to my room and found three beautiful carnations waiting for me from my sweet boyfriend! :)
I hung out in my room for rest of the afternoon, until Matt got out of class and took me out to Chinese! Unfortunately he got sick and we had to cut dinner short, but we came back to my dorm, he bought me pizza and now we're just relaxing in my room.

It's been a splendid Valentine's Day. :)

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