Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 19

My Siblings. 

I thank God (and my parents) for blessing me with the sometimes difficult 
task of being the oldest of five kids.

Caitlin Rose
Being one year apart has been a blessing and a curse for Cat Lynn and I.
When we were younger, we fought A LOT.
We couldn't even share the same bedroom throughout 
high school, because we fought so much.
Then, we both grew up a little. We still have our arguments and 
I still annoy her quite a bit, but in many ways she's a better "older sibling"
than I am. I mean, she didn't get in trouble NEARLY as much as I did growing up!
Caitlin is one of the best people I know, and I 
know she will always be there for me. 

Jessica Jennie
Jeska is one of the most stubborn, loyal, and honest people I know. 
She doesn't let anyone push her around and she is rarely afraid to speak her mind.
I admire those traits in her, because they are rare in a person. She and I have
butted heads over many things in the past, and I know we will in the future too.
But I also know that no matter how many fights we get in,
she will still be there when I want someone to watch Glee or Disney movies with.

Seth Howard
The only boy with four sisters. How he's managed, I will never know.
Always the jokester, Seth will do anything to get a laugh or a smile.
A lot of the time he's not that funny. He gets that from my dad.
But he has been known to completely change my mood with a simple
joke or crazy story from school. He tries to put up a tough macho
persona, but when he plays video games with Abby, or hugs me
when I come home from school, I can tell that he's really
just a big softie at heart.

Abby Bernice
My parents like to remind me that my youngest sister and I
are exactly alike whenever she goes crazy and starts freaking out
over the newest "Merlin" episode or the latest dragon book she read.
And as much as I deny it to them, I know that they're right.
Only, she has the energy of about ten of me.
She is unique, smart, curious, and a little crazy.
But that makes her Abby, and I hope she never, ever changes. 

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