Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 17

My Religious Beliefs.

I would prefer to discuss my faith rather than my religion, because to be honest I am not a huge fan of organized religion. I call myself a Christian, more specifically a Protestant, but I don't really associate with any of the denominations. Maybe when I'm older and feel the need to settle down in a church, I will find one I like. For now I like to work on my personal relationship with God rather than worrying about which church I should attend.

I have struggled with my faith over the past couple of years. It's been sometimes difficult to see God working in my life and I have questioned his existence. It's also hard growing up in an increasingly secularized world where you are sometimes deemed "ignorant" or "close-minded" or "hateful" for believing in God.

But during those nights of fear and questioning, all I wanted to do was pray. Pray to God for strength, hope, and to thank him for loving me through all my hardships and troubles. Some nights, I could feel his presence which calmed me and I would go to bed that night with a peaceful mind and a warm heart.

I will never use my faith to discriminate or hate anyone. Jesus's message to the Jews was one of love. Even if you are an Atheist, homosexual, prostitute, Buddhist or a politician, I'm not going to curse at you and tell you that your lifestyle is wrong.

All I ask is that other people do the same.

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