Wednesday, August 31, 2011

words of wisdom.


remember this, my friends.

Elephant Love Medley from "Moulin Rouge"

PS. I love being back at Central. I love every thing about this place, even when I have to deal with stupid classmates and annoying professors.

Monday, August 22, 2011

7 things.

7 places I'd like to visit...

1) London. I actually plan on being there in a year from now. (HOLY SHIT.)
2) Berlin, so I can visit my German soul sister Kubie.
3) Rome.
4) Australia 
5) Moscow
6) Spain
7) Dublin, another place I will probably visit in a year from now... 

7 things I'd like to accomplish before I die...

1) Write a novel
2) Have my own family
3) Meet JK Rowling
4) Visit all the homes of Laura Ingalls Wilder
5) See a Broadway show
6) Be a good teacher. I know that's broad, but I can't really decide how to phrase it...
7) Direct my own theatre production

7 things that annoy me...

1) Ignorance
2) Blind hatred
3) Mean people
4) Really terrible music
5) Unappreciative people
6) My own anxiety 
7) Humidity 

7 things that make me happy...

1) Sunshine
2) Curling up with a good book
3) When I see an elderly couple holding hands
4) My friends and their ridiculousness
5) Good hair days
6) Michael Buble
7) Disney movies

7 movies that I love...

1) How to Train Your Dragon
2) Slumdog Millionaire
3) Tangled
4) Becoming Jane
5) Crazy, Stupid, Love
6) Aladdin
7) The King's Speech

7 things I'd like to own...

1) An old truck, for the country girl in me. 
2) A time machine
3) A dragon
4) A ukulele 
5) All the books I could ever think of
6) Another pair of Converse would be nice...
7) oh! A Hogwarts acceptance letter :)

7 favorite songs...

1) Haven't Met You Yet by Michael Buble
2) Hey, Soul Sister by Train
3) I'm Yours by Jason Mraz 
4) Skyway Avenue by We The Kings
5) Story of Your Life by We The Kings
6) Our Kind of Love by Lady Antebellum
7) Fearless by Taylor Swift

    Thursday, August 4, 2011

    definition of a hopeful romantic.

    I feel like I should have explained my name in a much earlier blog, but I guess it's better late than never!

    Most people use the term "hopeless romantic" when they describe someone who believes in love, and cries at sappy movies and all that junk. Well, I don't think that's a very accurate term, for me at least.
    By saying someone is hopeless implies that they have no hope, no faith, or no belief.
    To call me a "hopeless" romantic is the very opposite of what I am.

    I have complete hope that I will find love.
    I have faith in love and it's abilities.
    I believe in true love.

    Like the awesome Hank Green said in his last vlog, "Loving each other is pretty much the most important thing we do. It's not just the reason the each of us as individuals exist, it's the reason why our species and our civilization exist. It's the only reason why we can do these marvelous, magnificent human things!"

    And that's why I am a hopeFUL romantic.