Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day Thirteen: Talk about your hometown.

I grew up  in Fremont, Michigan.
It's a small, rural town known for the Gerber Baby Food Company that was founded there.
Otherwise, it's your completely average American small town.

We have a lot (probably too many) churches and hair salons.
Agriculture is a huge aspect of our community.
We're the only town in our county with a Wal-Mart.
My graduating class was around 175 and we were one of the bigger classes to graduate in recent years.
It's a generally conservative/Republican community.
A "night out in Fremont" means either
a) bowling or the movies if you're in middle or high school
b) the bar if you're older than 21

A lot of people around my age dislike Fremont. As soon as they graduate they want to get out of town, and it's always amazing how many of them stay around...
My opinion?
Fremont was a great place to grow up. I love the countryside surrounding the town and all of my family lives there. But I will be leaving Fremont for good once I graduate from CMU. I will always enjoy visiting my family there, but I need a place where I can actually put my History degree to use. Especially after living in London I've realized I like the big city. I'm not a fan of public transportation, but there's something magical about the way a city can light up at night.

But don't get me wrong, I'll always be a fan of those sweet, summer, country nights at home too. :)

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