Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 18. Favorite memories.

Since I talked about my childhood a couple days ago, I'll stick with favorite memories from high school  and college.

High School
Senior Prom. Such a great night with all of my high school friends :) AND I got to watch my sister win Princess, after telling everyone to vote for her and her boyfriend!
Visiting Universal Studios with the family during spring break my junior year.
Sooooo many memories from theatre. From camping, to the Z quote wall, to The Distaff Side, to cast parties, to children's theatre, to every single long rehearsal spent at the Dogwood... Some of the best times ever.
Going to see the Jonas Brothers in concert for my 16th birthday.
That one time we had a day off from school for sewage issues.
Senior year was actually kinda awesome in general, because I spent most of my time in Video Communications or being a TA in World History.... so basically doing nothing.

Adventures with Anna around Mount Pleasant. Like the one time we snuck into the boy's bathroom.
Meeting one of my best friends our first day at Central.
Seeing We The Kings in concert.
All those Taco Bell food runs during Freshmen year.
The crazy shenanigans Cynthia, Ashley, and I would get into Freshmen year.
The midnight premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part two.
Visiting Uncle John's with my friends last year.
Becoming obsessed with playing the Sims and Mario Kart with Meagan and the boys. It kinda took over our lives for a brief period of time.
Going to Chicago for the first time.
The last week of my sophomore year spring semester.
My study abroad experience.

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