Thursday, December 15, 2011

thoughts on facebook.

I really like Facebook.
It's not just because I can stalk my old classmates that I never talked to, procrastinate on homework assignments or update my friends on my boring life.

It's because it keeps me connected.

Think about it. We are the most interconnected generation of all time.
As long as we're friends on Facebook I'll be able to stay in touch with high school and college friends long after I graduate and my family after I move away from Fremont. I'm very grateful for that, because I don't want to wonder sometime down the road "What ever happened to so and so?" I can just look on their Facebook or even message them! Facebook's new profile setup called Timeline is a prime example of that. I think it's wonderful gift for our generation, I truly do.

Some people might claim that we've lost our privacy with Facebook, but that's only if you abuse it. Sure, there are people on Facebook that put WAY TOO MUCH INFORMATION on it, but that's there own fault. I find the people that complain about Facebook are usually the ones misusing it. If you use Facebook correctly, it's just another communication tool, like the phone.

So unless Facebook really messes up, I don't plan on ever deleting my account.

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