Thursday, December 8, 2011

how beer saved the world

The Discovery Channel put together an hour long documentary on how beer has changed history.

Here are some of the things I learned from watching this documentary:

1) Beer is the reason the Agricultural Revolution began, which means we can thank beer for writing, math, the plow and the wheel.
2) Egyptians paid the workers that were building the pyramids in beer. One gallon of beer a day. They also wanted to go onto the afterlife, so they had the chance to drink even MORE beer. So basically, the ancient Egyptians were a bunch of drunks. :P
3) Ancient beer was very low in alcohol but was chopped full of minerals and vitamins. So no beer belly for the ancient people!
4) Ancient beer ALSO beat modern medicine by 3,000 years with the use of antibiotics.
5) Medieval beer saved millions of lives, because they began to brew the beer which killed the bacterias living in the nasty water!
6) The Medieval people drank 6 TIMES the amount of beer we drink today.
7) "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." -Benjamin Franklin
8) As Americans, we should be especially grateful for beer. The Pilgrims would have never made it over from England without it!
10) The men that were part of the Boston Tea Party.... were drunk.
11) Our National Anthem's melody... is the same of that of an old drinking song. Words changed, melody stayed the same.
12) Beer is the basis for modern medicine. It helped Louis Pasteur find germs!
13) The first refrigeration device was developed for the beer industry.
14) Ford Automotive was not the first industry to change factory production. Ten years before Ford ever opened his assembly line, beer was changing the face of production.
15) #1 Adult Beverage all over the world.

I have never drank beer, but I now have a greater appreciation for it!

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