Tuesday, May 17, 2011

5 reasons why Finn and Rachel are soul mates.

Yes, this is stupid and childish and ridiculous and fangirly of me.
But guess what.
This is my blog and I can do what I want!

1) They make beautiful music together. For example: "Faithfully", probably the best duet on Glee. Personally, I think all Finn/Rachel duets are on the list of best duets ever. Oh, and "Borderline/Open Your Heart" is definitely on the list of best mash-ups.
2) Finn is one of the few guys who can put up with Rachel's diva attitude.
3) Quinn has treated Finn like crap throughout the series, therefore she should NOT be with him.
4) Rachel has changed for the better, and I think it's because of Finn. Yea, she's still a diva and can be selfish sometimes, but at least she never lied about being pregnant with Finn's baby.
5) Finn also pushes himself to be a better person, because of Rachel. He steps up to be a leader, because he doesn't want to disappoint Rachel, and ultimately himself and rest of the Glee club.

I have always been a Finn/Rachel fan, even when Finn was going through his jerk stage, and when Rachel was being an uber-diva. Basically, it comes down to the simple fact that I think they both are better people when they're in a relationship with one another.

I will leave on this closing point:
If Rachel doesn't take Finn...
He's mine.
This means you, Jessica. You can have Sam.

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