Tuesday, April 26, 2011

born this way.

While tonight's episode of Glee wasn't my favorite, I really liked the message of the episode: love yourself. 

I struggled in the past with my confidence, but as I have grown up I realized that hating yourself is only hurting yourself. If you are constantly putting yourself down, then you are only looking at the negative in life. By dwelling on the negative, you don't allow the beauty in life, and in you, to shine. 

I still struggle with my confidence sometimes, like when I don't do very well on a test, or when my hair decides to become a frizz ball. But then I listen to Lady GaGa's "Born This Way" or I look at the beautiful world around me and I feel ten times better. I believe that God made you in his image, and he doesn't make mistakes. 

You are your worst critic, but you can also be your biggest fan. 

So baby, remember, you were born this way.

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