Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 4

Five Things That Annoy Me About Boys

1. The stereotype that guys can't show emotions. Having emotions doesn't mean you're weak, it just shows that you actually have a heart and care about people.
2. Too many of them think with their penises. 
3. The guys that only care about booze and boobs. 
4. How, with some guys, the immaturity bar rises the more testosterone there is in a room.  
5. The womanizing jerks. 

Five Things That Annoy Me About Girls
1. How some girls complain that all girls are annoying. Generally, it's those girls that are the annoying ones and cause problems. 
2. How we over analyze everything. Life is pretty simple, we just need to figure that out. 
3. The girls that don't stand up for their beliefs and wants. 
4. How some girls define themselves by their boyfriend or friends.
5. The girls that dumb themselves down, because they don't think it's cool to be smart. 

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