Tuesday, July 19, 2011

saying and doing are two different things.

I have a habit of planning my future. I like to come up with goals for myself, and some even turn into dreams, that some people don't understand or like... but I don't care.

However, there are some things I have said before that I want to do, that I know never will happen.
For example:
-Kiss a Jonas Brother. Preferably Joe.
-Marry Charlie McDonnell. Or Rupert Grint. Or Darren Criss.
-Go on a magic carpet ride.
-Attend Hogwarts.
-Watch all of the Vlogbrothers videos. THERE ARE OVER 800.
-Stop my Mtn. Dew addiction.
-Start exercising.

Then there is the list of things I say I want to do, and have every intention of doing.
-Study abroad in London. 1 year and 1 month away!
-Write a novel, published or not.
-Meet JK Rowling and try not to cry when I tell her how much of an inspiration she is to me.
-Get a tattoo near my heart, or on my wrist, that reads "Mischief Managed."
-Learn to play the ukulele.
-See a Broadway show in NYC.
-Name one of my daughters Emma Hermione.
-Take my parents to Australia for a well-deserved vacation.

Now, enough bloggin. It's time to finish that dang Harry Potter fanfic. I've only been putting it off for 7 months... whoops!

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